In loving memory of Nadyne Qirreh.

Here is a wonderful video made by Keresa McIntire, a high school student who came to Calvin Crest in September as a cabin leader for our outdoor education program, to honor the life and work of our friend Nadyne Qirreh.

Nadyne died tragically at the end of September at the age of 23. We loved her very much and miss her greatly.


Happy Thanksgiving to all.


These are words.


Welcome to the second (and hopefully more consistent) incarnation of my blog. Here I begin with an updated version of my original post from the first “Look Out Below.”

Let’s begin with the basics.

These are words.

But before there are words, there are ideas. And ideas are manifested, expressed, and communicated through the imperfect vehicle of language, where words become a catalyst for something much more important. And it is those ideas which are important to me that I will, as of now, be placing on the anvil that is my keyboard and hammering into words.

I am composed of ideas. Some are good ideas. Others are absolutely horrible. Not many of my ideas reach fulfillment and become words. But if I am to learn anything at all, these ideas must first become concrete and tangible. This project is designed to help me learn – to learn about myself as well as the world around me.

So here you’ll find ideas, musings, questions, thoughts, decisions, and revelations covering the broad spectrum of everything that is important to me. I hope that those who follow along can get just as much out of reading my words as I get out of writing them. So I’m inviting you to take this plunge with me.

Let’s try this again:

Look out below.